Doctoral Student DaJuan Ferrell accepted Lectureship position at University of Pennsylvania’s Critical Writing Program

DaJuan Ferrell has accepted a Lectureship position at the University of Pennsylvania’s Critical Writing Program. The program offers discipline-based seminars that all undergraduate students must take to fulfill their writing requirement at the University of Pennsylvania. As a lecturer, DaJuan will teach three sociology themed writing seminars.

The Lost Women of America’s Hop Industry Podcast

In October 2019, UW-Milwaukee Professor Dr. Jennifer Jordan was interviewed at the Chicago History Museum for The Feast podcast. In the interview, she discusses her current book project about 19th-century hop growing and the central role that women played in the hop harvest.

Assoc. Prof. Cary Gabriel Costello is part of team that won Mellon Grant for “LGBTQ+ Audio Archive Mining Project”

A UWM team consisting of library and IT professionals, together with Prof. Costello, a scholarly expert in LGBTQ+ sociology, has received a prestigious Mellon Grant through the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Transgender Experiences and Artistic Expression: a talk by Dr. Cary Gabriel Costello

On September 21, 2019, Sociology Associate Professor Cary Gabriel Costello gave a talk titled “Transgender Experiences and Artistic Expression” at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Prof. Tim O’Brien wins American Sociological Association award

UWM Sociology Associate Professor Tim O’Brien and his co-author Oren Pizmony-Levy received the Section on Sociological Practice and Public Sociology’s Publication Award for Significant Contributions to Applied and Public Sociology! Congratulations to Tim, fantastic work!

Exploring Technology’s Impact On Relationships

Professor Noelle Chesley talks with UWM Today about how our digital lives are deeply connected with our social experiences.

Professor Noelle Chesley presents to the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety

Dr. Noelle Chesley presented a seminar for the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety last month as a part of their Healthy Work and Well-Being Program. Her talk discusses the implications of data science and artificial intelligence on workers and the overall job market.

Hard Work Is a Mother—A Mother’s Day Salute

Sociology Professor Noelle Chesley was recently quoted in an article about mothers with husbands at home versus single moms:
“When the at-home parent is the mother, there’s a clear expectation that she’ll be in charge of the family’s domestic life,” said study coauthor Noelle Chesley of University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. “That’s not necessarily the case when the at-home parent is the father.”

Who Isn’t Using Patient Portals And Why?

The Health Affairs online journal recently published the research article “Who Isn’t Using Patient Portals And Why? Evidence And Implications From A National Sample Of U.S. Adults” with Sociology’s Celeste Campos-Castillo as co-author, December 2018.

Costello: The Intersex Roadshow Blog

Cary Gabriel Costello’s public sociology blog, The Intersex Roadshow, was selected as a Noted LGBTQ+ Studies Website that will be archived by the Library of Congress. Dr. Costello has been posting articles educating the public about intersex history, contemporary intersex… Read More