Hard Work Is a Mother—A Mother’s Day Salute

Sociology Professor Noelle Chesley was recently quoted in an article about mothers with husbands at home versus single moms:
“When the at-home parent is the mother, there’s a clear expectation that she’ll be in charge of the family’s domestic life,” said study coauthor Noelle Chesley of University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. “That’s not necessarily the case when the at-home parent is the father.”… Continue Reading »

Associate Professor Noelle Chesley to deliver Keynote Address at the Fifth International Conference on Wellbeing at Work in Paris

Associate Professor Noelle Chesley will deliver a keynote address in May 2019 at the Fifth International Conference on Wellbeing at Work hosted by French National Research and Safety Institute (INRS). The title of the keynote address is: “Changing Work and Worker Well-Being: Which Changes Matter Most? Which Opportunities and Challenges are Most Critical?”… Continue Reading »

Professors Collaborate at the Corner of Tech and Health

UWM Sociology professor Noelle Chesley and Psychology professor Hobart Davies, along with Health Sciences professor Jake Luo are working together to accomplish amazing things with the TecHealth Initiative. Founded by the three professors, the Initiative aims to bring together scholars from multiple disciplines to solve problems at the intersection of technology and health care.… Continue Reading »