Wave of the Future: Microchip Workers

UWM Department of Sociology’s Noelle Chesley was quoted in the article “Wisconsin company holds ‘chip party’ to microchip workers.” Chesley stated that microchips and other body technologies are “the wave of the future.” The article (by Jeff Baenen) appeared in… Read More

Stephanie Baran: Women and Nature

Sociology PhD Student Stephanie Baran recently published, “Visual patriarchy: PETA advertising and the commodification of sexualized bodies” in a book titled Women and Nature: Beyond Dualism in Gender, Body, and Environment. Congratulations, Stephanie!

Alumna publishes in Social Problems quarterly journal

Alumna Emily Brooke Schimke (Emily Schultz, MA 2015) authored a paper entitled “Techniques of Neutralization and Identity Work Among Accused Genocide Perpetrators” for Social Problems, a quarterly journal of The Society for the Study of Social Problems.

L&S Focus: Alumna Sabrina Nettles

In Focus online magazine features an article about Sociology and Psychology alumna, Sabrina Nettles, who works to improve the sexual health of the people of Washington D.C. Nettles is responsible for working with clinics and doctors’ offices to identify and… Read More

Rodríguez Named President of University at Albany

Havidan Rodríguez, UWM Sociology MA Program graduate, has been named the 20th president of the University at Albany.

Professor Aneesh co-edits Sage Publication

Sociology’s Professor Aneesh (Guest Editor) co-edited a special issue of the Sage Journal, Science, Technology and Society, Volume 22, Issue 1, March 2017. Read the journal.

Inside American Higher Education: Is the World’s Best System in Crisis?

American Higher Education is often uncritically praised in Japan. In her newly published book, “Inside American Higher Education: Is the World’s Best System in Crisis”, Dr. Aki Roberts discusses the current challenges American universities are facing…

New “Work in Progress” Blog

The research of the UWM Department of Sociology’s Noelle Chesley is highlighted on the new blog “Work in Progress: Sociology on the economy, work and inequality.” The theme of Professor Chesley’s research article is what the experiences of breadwinner workers tell us about work (and home).

Professor Gauchat’s research mentioned in New Yorker Magazine

UWM Sociology professor Gordon Gauchat’s U.S. survey data research is referred to in the New Yorker Magazine article, “The Mistrust of Science.”

Read the entire article..

Campos-Castillo Receives Honors

Celeste Campos-Castillo’s paper published in JAMIA last year wins Best Paper of the Year Award by the International Association of Medical Informatics. The article is entitled: “The Double-Edged Sword of Electronic Health Records: Implications for Patient Disclosure.” Read article…