State Regulations and University Policies for Printing/Copying

Printing and copying for UWM and the state of Wisconsin is governed by Chapter 35 of the Wisconsin Statutes. Law specifically regarding printing is also found in Article IV, Section 25 of the State Constitution. In order to be compliant with these state regulations and UWM policies, all printing and copying paid for with University funds must be facilitated through UWM Print & Copy Services.


Faculty and staff are not authorized to purchase printing directly from outside vendors. Only Print & Copy Services and Purchasing have full delegation to purchase printing. If a job cannot be produced in-house, Print & Copy Services staff will make all necessary arrangements and coordinate with outside vendor(s) to get the job produced.


Copy services are provided by the UWM Copy Center located in the University Services Building, Room 150. If confirmation is provided from the Copy Center that they cannot provide a requested service (e.g., an after-hours rush job), service may be obtained from the approved copy overflow contract vendor. If either the Copy Center or the contract vendor cannot produce the job, it must be sent out for bid by Print & Copy Services staff.

Should printing/copying occur outside of these state and University regulations, the unit may be held liable for expenses incurred.