Campus Clearing House

Copiers/Graphic Arts Equipment Purchasing/Leasing

Print & Copy Services serves as a clearinghouse for rental or purchase of graphic arts equipment, both new and replacement. Authorization for this procedure is found in State Procurement Manual Section Pro-D-5 and UWM Purchasing Procedure 3.2.6.

The requesting department will need to complete an Application for Graphic Equipment for each piece of new or replacement equipment. Graphic equipment covered by this procedure includes:

  1. Printing presses and related bindery equipment
  2. Copiers and wide-format printers
  3. Composition equipment, platemakers, cameras (graphic arts type)
  4. Convenience finishing (binding) equipment, e.g., table top folders, staplers, collators, sorters, cutters.

Defining Equipment Needs

The ordering department should review equipment needs. For example, if a copier is being considered, the department should know:

  • What is being copied?
  • Can the copies be produced at the Copy Center?
  • What type of originals are being copied; e.g., typed, 3rd or 4th plys of carbonless forms, photographs, colored material?
  • What size originals are copied?
  • What is the anticipated monthly volume?
  • What kind of final copies are needed; e.g., regular bond copies, rag bond copies, transparencies, labels, heavy paper?
  • How much room is available for the equipment and will special electrical / networking service requirements necessitate changes?

Equipment Request Procedure

Complete the Application for Graphic Equipment.

Contact Charles Licht, the campus agency printing manager (APM) if you have questions filling out the form.

Prepare an external requisition for your piece of equipment.

Questions concerning the preparation of a requisition should be directed to General Accounting at 414-229-6656. Questions concerning the purchasing process should be directed to the Purchasing Department at 414-229-4301, as early in the process as possible.

Forward your external requisition and Application for Graphic Equipment directly to Print & Copy Services.

The APM will review your application. If there are questions, your department representative will be contacted.

When your request is approved, an Equipment Application (EA) “number” will be assigned to your request and requisition. The external requisition and a copy of the Application will be forwarded to Purchasing for processing.

If your request is not approved, your requisition will be returned with a copy of your application and a brief explanation for the denial.

Any questions regarding bidding, awarding, delivery, invoicing or contractual agreements should be addressed to Purchasing.

When you are replacing an existing piece of equipment, you will have to declare how you would like to dispose of it. Trade-ins must be specified early so that it is included in the equipment application.