Humanities & Communication Pathway

Do you love studying languages, culture, and history? Do you enjoy analyzing literature, film, and art? As our world becomes ever more global and interconnected, we will need professionals to facilitate cross-cultural communication. Students who want to learn more about people and culture should consider majors in the Humanities and Communication pathway.

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Majors in this pathway typically lead to careers providing global/cultural perspective, communication, media, language, diversity, writing, critical thinking, and/or leadership support in government, education, non-profit, or business organizations.


View the potential majors that branch from the Humanities & Communication Pathway.

Math Requirement

Math Literacy Pathway: Math 92/102, 103, 105, or 111; Philosophy 111.

First Semester Sample Curriculum

Work with your advisor to make necessary adjustments to best fit your interests, goals, and placement levels.  New freshmen will enroll in courses as part of New Student Orientation programming.  You’ll find more information on UWM’s General Education Requirements — courses required by all Bachelor’s Degrees — in the Academic Catalog.

Total 12-18
Course Credits Notes
OWC-A: English 100, 101 or 102 3-4 Course level determined by placement. Grade of C or better required.
QL-A: Math 92/102, 103, or 105 3-6 Course level determined by placement. Grade of C or better required.
First Year Seminar course in Humanities (HU) 3
Course to fulfil GER Language requirement or GER Distribution course 3-5
Ed Psy 110: Planning Your Major/Career 3

Important Milestones

  • Complete 15 credits each semester to stay on track to graduate in 4 years.
  • Maintain a minimum 2.00 GPA
  • See your advisor by the mid-point of each semester to discuss your progress and begin planning for second semester
  • Visit Career Communities and Services to begin developing a career plan with the support of a Career Advisor.