Declaring a Major

How and When to Declare a Major

Students who enroll at UWM through Pathway Advising are required to complete at least one semester with us before declaring a major — we want to be sure you have an opportunity to settle in, explore options, and demonstrate a minimum level of academic success before moving on.

Once you have decided on a major, completed at least one semester with us, and have a UWM GPA of 2.00 or higher, we’ll assist you with the process of declaring a major.  (Please note that some UWM majors are selective, and may require specific classes, GPA, or a combination of requirements for declaration.)

Declaring your major means that you’ll progress from your metamajor pathway into one of the degree-granting undergraduate majors offered by UWM’s Schools and Colleges.  Consult with an advisor if you plan a double major, or want to pair your major with a minor or certificate.

The steps towards declaring a major depend both on where you are in your overall enrollment process and what major(s) you’ve decided to declare, but we encourage all of our students to declare a major sometime prior to the start of their second year (or third semester) of college work.

Declaring a Major in the College of Letters & Science

If you are declaring a major offered by UWM’s College of Letters & Science, you can declare through a web form found on their departmental webpages. (You can also use this process, with some adjustments, to declare one of the minors or certificates offered by L&S.)


  1. Find the major you intend to declare on this filtered list of L&S majors on our Academic Program page.  (If you don’t see your major on that list, see “Declaring All Other Majors” below.)
  2. Select your intended major, and follow through to the L&S “Fact Sheet” page for that major.
  3. On the left hand panel, find a link to declare your major.  The wording on this link may vary depending on the department.
  4. Follow the steps indicated on that page, which will include clicking a blue button that will open L&S’ “Declaration of Major Form.”
  5. Complete the steps indicated to declare, including submission of the declaration form. You will receive a follow-up email notification from L&S.

Please note: If you are in your first semester with us in Pathway Advising and have indicated interest in a particular major offered by UWM’s College of Letters & Science, your advisor will reach out to you following the grading deadline for the term to encourage you to complete this process.

Declaring All Other Majors

If you have completed a semester within Pathway Advising, are currently at a 2.00 GPA or higher, and are ready to declare a major offered by any of UWM’s other Schools and Colleges, your Pathway Advising advisor will help you with the declaration process.  You can review this filtered list of all non-L&S majors if you’re not certain whether this process applies to you.


  1. Contact your Pathway Advising advisor to affirm your interest in a particular major.
  2. Your advisor will send an alert to the UWM School or College that houses your major.
  3. Monitor your UWM email for a response from the School or College.
  4. If you don’t hear from a representative from that School or College after a week or so, please let your Pathway Advising advisor know so that we can follow up with your intended program.

Newly Admitted Students

Sometimes students apply to UWM as “Undecided” and later decide they’d like to declare a specific major prior to attending orientation.  If this is true for you, you can use the Office of Undergraduate Admission’s Major/Program Selection and Change Form to request that our Admissions office re-review your application materials for consideration in your intended program.

This process only applies up until you enroll in your first term’s courses.  Once enrolled, you’ll need to complete a minimum of one semester within Pathway Advising prior to declaring a major.