About Us

Pathway Advising is the newest iteration of UWM programming that dates back to 1968, and constitutes a key component of the University’s mission of open access.

The Experimental Program in Higher Education (EPHE) began in 1968 as means to attract, admit, and retain students who had traditionally been underrepresented in higher education.  The program has held many names and iterations since then, including a long tenure as the Academic Opportunity Center (AOC) and as the Office of Central Advising (OCA). Over that time, the program’s mission has broadened to serve undecided students and those whose previous academic preparation may not have prepared them for college.

Academic advisors in Pathway Advising have a smaller case load of students which enables them to offer intensive advising and to monitor progress in regular meetings with each student throughout the semester. We partner with academic areas, including the Educational Psychology and Curriculum & Instruction in UWM’s School of Education, to offer our students courses that build academic skills or help students make informed decisions about their major and/or future career.