Schedule an Appointment

For current students, the easiest way to find a time that works well for both you and your advisor is to schedule online through Navigate360.

  • Click on the blue button at the top right corner of the page that says Schedule an Appointment
  • Select Advising as the appointment type
  • Select your service type (Academic Planning, Exploring a Major, etc.)
  • Select your location as Pathway Advising
  • Select your meeting type (In-person, Microsoft Teams, Phone, etc.)
  • Navigate360 will show appointment times with your advisor — note that your assigned advisor will be automatically selected
  • Select a date and time that works for you, and click Save

Note that advisors may be available for face-to-face or remote (virtual) appointments.  Some advisors are not able to meet with students in their offices due to social distancing guidelines, so if you prefer an in-person meeting with your advisor and that option is not currently available in Navigate360, please contact your advisor by email (or contact the department at to request accommodation.

Your advisor’s email address is listed on your PAWS account. Please go to your PAWS homepage and click on your advisor’s name at the bottom of your screen.

Walk-In Advising

[Please Note: Our typical Walk-In Wednesday schedule and services will be suspended through most of July 2024 due to Orientations and Office Closure.  Our regular schedule will resume as of Wednesday, July 31st. We will still be available by appointment or by email during this time.]

Advisors will offer some availability to students on a drop-in or as-needed basis during the first two weeks of each Fall and Spring term, as well as every Wednesday between 9am and 4pm.

Walk-in advising hours are designed to assist students with simple questions or problems that could reasonably be addressed in 15 minutes or less, like:

  • Questions about important dates or deadlines
  • Referral to campus resources
  • Questions about making limited adjustments to your current or future class schedule

If you expect that your questions will take some time, or for help with making decisions on course selection, please make a distinct appointment through the process listed at the top of the page.

Prospective, Future, or Returning Students

If you are not a current student but would like to make an appointment with a Pathway Advising academic advisor, please contact us through or at 414-229-4696.

If you’re interested in attending an information session about Pathway Advising, we offer a live session every Friday at 10:30am through Undergraduate Admissions.  To sign up, go to the Campus Visit page, then find the “Majors Information Session” section and click on “Register for a session.” From there, you can find a listing of School/College Information sessions, including one for “Pathway Advising (Undecided).”