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Career communities help you explore areas of interest and potential career paths you could try with events to help you learn about your options, industry-specific resources to help you land a job or internship, and career advisors ready to chat and help you figure out your next steps, wherever you are in the process.

No matter where you are on your career path, SET is here to help UWM students and alumni. Explore our website to discover major and career resources, develop skills and experience, help prepare your resume, cover letter, and interview skills, and succeed at the job and internship search.

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Engineering, Architectural Design, and Construction

Careers in engineering, architectural design, and construction offer opportunities to create innovative solutions and build structures that shape our world.

Technology and Information Sciences, and Data Analytics

Careers utilizing quantitative skills and computational methods drive innovation in diverse industries.

Education, Social Services, and Non-Profit

A career in social services, education, or non-profit management offers opportunities to make a meaningful impact and contribute to improving people’s lives.

Film, Visual, and Performing Arts

Film, visual, and performing arts careers provide an outlet for artistic expression and offer diverse opportunities for creativity and innovation.

Public Policy, Government, Law, and International Affairs

Careers in public policy, government, law, and international affairs provide opportunities to impact communities and shape the world’s future.

Business and Communications

Careers in visual and written communication provide opportunities to create impactful messaging and connect with others.

Physical and Natural Sciences

Careers in environmental stewardship, natural sciences, and research offer opportunities to protect and study the planet and the life it sustains.

Health and Medicine

Public health, health care, and health care administration careers offer paths to positively impact communities and shape the future of healthcare.

Career Exploration

Our career exploration community empowers undecided students to explore majors and careers, discover their passions, and achieve their academic and professional goals.