More than 3,500 student serve as UW-Milwaukee student employees bringing their talents and energy to campus departments while gaining valuable experience.‚Äč

When considering the prospect of hiring a student employee, you open the door to a host of strategic advantages for your office/organization. Their unique perspective and innovative ideas can inject fresh energy into your team.

Hear from a UWM alum who was impacted by his student employment.

Posting an On-Campus Job

Creating a Handshake Account for On-Campus Supervisors:

Sign up as an Employer on Handshake

  1. Fill out the form using your Panther ID
  2. Receive an email confirmation from Handshake and activate your account
  3. Join your company as UWM On-Campus Employment Office
  4. You will get a notification that your account is awaiting verification
  5. Once approved, you will be able to use the system and post jobs

How to Post a Job on Handshake

  1. Log in to Handshake
  2. Go to “Post a Job”
  3. Complete the required information
  4. For job type and employment type, you must select “On-Campus Student Employment” and “Part-Time”
  5. At the end, select UW-Milwaukee as the school
  6. Select “Create”
  7. After completing your job posting, please allow 24-48 hours for administrative approval