New Employee Onboarding

Welcome to UW-Milwaukee!

Please follow the steps below to complete the new employee onboarding process.

1. Make an onboarding appointment to submit required forms.

At the onboarding appointment you will come to campus to submit the forms listed below.

You may print and complete the forms in advance, or they will be provided to you at the onboarding appointment.

These forms must be completed prior to, or within 3 days of, your hire date.

Please Note:

The employee completes only page 1 of Form I-9.

Form I-9 also requires that you bring documents to establish your identity and employment eligibility. Please see page 3 of Form I-9 for the list of acceptable documents.

Form I-9 cannot be submitted without the required documents.

To schedule an onboarding appointment please fill out the form below:

HR Onboarding Appointment

For any questions about onboarding appointments please contact:

2. Attend a benefits review to learn about benefits options and enrollment deadlines.

The benefits review is an in-person presentation that covers:

  • Your benefits package.
  • Deadlines for benefits enrollment.
  • How to enroll in benefits.
  • Your payroll schedule.
  • Question and answer period.

Please Note:

Most benefits options require enrollment within 30 days of your hire date.

To register for a benefits review please see the webpage below:

Benefits Reviews

For any questions about benefits reviews please contact:

3. Get your PantherCard.

The PantherCard is your campus ID. Please see Retail Services’ webpage for instructions on how to obtain your PantherCard.

Retail Services:

PantherCard Office

4. Activate your ePanther account to set up your UWM email address.

Please read UWM Technology Resources’ knowledgebase article for instructions on how to activate your ePanther account.

In step 11 of the knowledgebase article you will set up your multi-factor authentication (MFA) method. Your multi-factor authentication method may be an app notification, text message, phone call, or hardware token. Please see the MFA for Faculty and Staff webpage for information on how multi-factor authentication works.

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