Frequently Asked Questions

Why is pantherFILE retiring?
Due to out-of-date software and growing technology needs, the system will be retiring and users will need to migrate their files to a new service. We want to provide our campus community with the best tools possible for their professional initiatives and file storage service.

What is considered a personal document?
Personal documents are those that are infrequently, if ever, shared with others and are not critical to ensuring the continuity of business or academic operations. Personal documents such as a presentation or self-evaluation, should be saved to OneDrive for Business. Documents that are essential to your job, your team or your department should be housed on a group storage service. If a document needs to be shared or collaborated on, it is mostly likely not considered a personal document.

Are these could-based services secure?
Yes, when properly configured and administrated Office 365 offers strong security. This includes its information rights management feature, which allows administrators to control access to the files stored in their document library. Adding files to an email, printing, or even copying and pasting text from a document may be limited unless permissions are granted.

However, individuals are responsible for the security of their own documents. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the information and resources provided on this website related to proper configurations, sensitive data and security risks.

What if I work with external colleagues outside of UWM?
If you frequently collaborate with colleagues that are not part of UWM, they will need to create a Microsoft account. This account will allow them to access and share documents and offers another level of security when it comes to granting access to document libraries. Please click here to view our KB article on sharing folders with external users for more information.

However, if you collaborate with external colleagues on a more infrequent or temporary basis, you are able to share files in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online through creating and sending a link. This does not require a sign-in and is simple to use. This process is outlined in our KB article on sharing files, located here. 

How do I migrate my files?
How you currently use pantherFILE will determine your migration process. We have three migration paths detailed below to help you identify the best route:

What if I don’t migrate my files?
Once pantherFILE retires, you will no longer be able to access the files housed on it. This means that any documents that are not properly migrated to a new service will be lost.

Will there be a student web hosting environment?
For academic needs, web hosting may be provided to some student affiliated programs through their correlating college or division.

Will there be an environment to host traditional html based web content for instructional use?
With the modern learning management tools for course delivery and content, such as D2L, there will no longer be a place to host traditional html based web content.