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At UW-Milwaukee School of Nursing, we understand that financial support is important to every student. We offer scholarships, fellowships and loan forgiveness opportunities.


UW-Milwaukee Scholarships

The UWM Panther Scholarship Portal is the one stop shop for scholarship applications. No more time spent filling out multiple applications asking the same questions. Now you can just fill out one General Application and the School of Nursing’s supplemental application. Visit the portal and begin your applications today.

School of Nursing Scholarships

There are several annual scholarship awards and opportunities for students to apply to within the School of Nursing. Please note that many scholarship amounts vary annually as available funds fluctuate, but typically range from $500 to $6,000 and applications are due in Spring.

Funding and Aid

Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP)

UW-Milwaukee consistently offers funding for students interested in graduate education to prepare as nursing faculty. The goal of the loan forgiveness is to address the shortage of nurse faculty in Wisconsin. The federal loan program provides forgivable aid to students on an annual basis in exchange for full-time employment as a nurse faculty after graduation. Students in the Master of Nursing (Nurse Educator track), Doctor of Nursing Practice and Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing programs are eligible to apply for NFLP at UWM. The funding is available for U.S. citizens and additional requirements may apply.

Full-time or part-time graduate students who plan careers as nurse faculty are eligible to apply and may qualify for up to five years of financial support (contingent upon ongoing federal funding and subject to change). Up to 85% of the total loan amount will be forgiven if the graduate works full-time for four years in a nurse faculty position following graduation. If you would like to receive more information please speak to your advisor or contact Susan Wolff at

Wisconsin Nurse Educator Loan Forgiveness

The Wisconsin Higher Education Aids Boards should soon announce the Nurse Educator Loan Forgiveness program. Students interested in careers as a nurse educator (clinical or academic) with a commitment to work in the state of Wisconsin after graduation can apply for this funding. The application for funding will be available on July 15, 2022 and funds are first-come-first-serve. More details will be forthcoming at

More information on the Nurse Faculty Loan Program:

  • Administrative Program Specialist
Systems Change and Peacebuilding Fellow Rawand Yazaw is working on planning programming for youth and adolescents.

Graduate Fellowships

UW-Milwaukee School of Nursing educates nurse scientists, practitioners and educators prepared to contribute at the cutting edge of the discipline. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows work collaboratively with community partners and faculty focused on the discovery of knowledge in areas including geriatric health, global health, health information/technology, community-based participatory research, and self-management science. The Graduate School and the Institute for Systems Change and Peacebuilding offer annual fellowship opportunities.