Carolyn Ziebart

Carolyn Ziebert, DNP, RN, PCNS-BC

  • Clinical Assistant Professor


BSN (1997)  Carroll-Columbia College of Nursing
MS (2009)  University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
DNP (2017)  University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee

I have been a pediatric nurse for over 20 years.  My focus areas have been in hematology/oncology/bone marrow transplant nursing, education, and patient safety and quality.  I have served in various positions from staff nursing, and leadership & advanced practice nursing roles.

Awards & Honors:

Julie Lathrop Nursing Research Award (2010) Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

Julie Lathrop Nursing Research Award (2013) Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

Evidence Based Practice Excellence Award (2016) Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

Intellectual Contributions:

Ziebert, C., Klingbeil, C., Schmitt, C., Stonek, A. V., Totka, J. P., Stelter, A., & Schiffman, R.  (2016). Lessons learned:  Newly hired nurses’ perspectives on transition into practice. Journal for Nurses in Professional Development, 32, E1-E8.

Klingbeil, C., Schiffman, R., Ziebert, C., Totka, J., Schmitt, C., Doyle, L., … Johnson, N. (2016). Transition of experienced and new graduate nurses to a pediatric hospital. Journal for Nurses in Professional Development, 32, 198-204.

Belongia, M., Montgomery, K., Mulberry, M., Zelazoski, A., & Ziebert, C. (2013). Pain. In Telephone Triage Guidelines: A Professional Resource for Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Stem Cell Transplant Nurses, (1st Ed). Association of Pediatric Hematology Oncology Nurses. Chicago, IL.

Bartelt, T. C., Ziebert, C., Sawin, K. J., Malin, S., Nugent, M., & Simpson, P. (2011). Evidence Based Practice:  Perceptions, Skills and Activities of Pediatric Healthcare Professionals. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 26, 114-121.