Vipavee Thongpriwan

Vipavee Thongpriwan, PhD, RN, CNE

  • Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Thongpriwan’s research interests are in mental health, nursing education, qualitative research, interpersonal violence, and cross-cultural methods. Her doctoral dissertation research focused on perceptions of dating violence among Thai adolescents.

Prior to joining the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee faculty in 2010, Dr. Thongpriwan was a faculty member in her native Thailand and taught various theoretical and clinical courses on mental health and psychiatric nursing. During her time, she also provided support for a variety of global collaborations, including research, nursing curriculum development, and student exchange programs with her nursing colleagues.


BSN Boromarajonani College of Nursing Chonburi, Thailand 1994

MNS Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing 1998

PhD Nursing University of Illinois at Chicago 2008

Awards and Honors

  • UWM nominee for the 2018-2019 Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars Program
  • Excellence in Education Award, Sigma Theta Tau International Eta Nu Chapter, 2018
  • UWM nominee for the 2017 UW-System Faculty College program

Research Grant

  • Funded by the 2020 UWM Team Initiation Program Award, Dr. Thongpriwan (Co-PI) and her colleagues Gwon, S. H. (PI), Lee, H. J. (Co-PI), Cho, Y. (Co-PI) use a Transdisciplinary Approach to examine E-Cigarette Use Behavior among Young Adults.

Intellectual Contributions

Gwon, S., Thongpriwan, V., Kett, P., & Cho, Y. (2023). Public health nurses’ perceptions and experiences of emergency preparedness, responsiveness, and burnout during the COVID-19 pandemic. Public Health Nursing, 40(1), 124-134.

Simonson, N., Brennan, L., & Thongpriwan, V. (2023, March). Patient-Centered Case Study for Health and Illness in the Undergraduate Program.

Gwon, S., Thongpriwan, V., Kim, Y., El Jarrah, I., Mobarki, A., Cho, Y., Lee, H., Nelson, A., & Noonan, D. (In press). Perspectives on e-cigarette use cessation among young adults in rural areas: Implications for future cessation studies. Wisconsin Medical Journal.

Gwon, S., Thongpriwan, V., Mobarki, A., Eyadat, A., & Noonan, D. (2023). Experiences and perceptions of e-cigarette cessation for young adults in rural communities. Nursing Research, 72(1), 46-53,

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