UWM faculty experts can help media with stories connected to Olympics

MILWAUKEE _ The pandemic-delayed Summer Olympics begin this week in Tokyo. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee faculty members can assist media covering topics related to the Games. For instance, sports psychologist Barbara Meyer, a professor of health sciences, can talk about how the one-year delay might affect the athletes and the overall Olympic experience.

Like Meyer, Monna Arvinen-Barrow is a sports psychologist and faculty member in the College of Health Sciences. She can discuss how the absence of fans might impact athletic performance.

But the Olympics still figure to attract lots of media attention. Michael Mirer, a visiting assistant professor of journalism, advertising and media studies, can discuss subjects like gender parity in coverage and how commercialization influences the Games.

More information can be found on UWM Report. Please contact the UWM Media Services team at media-services-team@uwm.edu if you need help scheduling an interview.