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Monna Arvinen-Barrow, PhD, (C. Psychol)

Associate Professor


Postgraduate Diploma in Research Degree Supervision (PGCRDS) The University of Northampton United Kingdom 2011
Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching in Higher Education (PGCTHE) The University of Northampton United Kingdom 2010
Ph D Sport Psychology The University of Northampton United Kingdom 2009
BS Psychology, Minor: Sport Studies University College Northampton United Kingdom 2003
BA Technical Fashion Designing Helsinki Polytechnic (now known as Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences) Helsinki, Finland 2000

Speaker Topics

  • Psychology of Sport Injury
  • Performance Enhancement in Individuals and Groups
  • Sport Psychology

Interests & Expertise

Monna Arvinen-Barrow’s research and applied work is underpinned by psychological theory and research. Her current research is focused on:

  • Psychosocial aspects of sport injuries
  • Psychosocial impact of career-ending injuries
  • Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to sport injury rehabilitation
  • Use of Active Video Gaming (AVG) in sport injury rehabilitation

Arvinen-Barrow’s past research has included research into psychology of sport injuries, use of psychological intervention techniques for performance enhancement and sport injury rehabilitation and psychological effects of “Swimming with Babies Approach” to baby swimming.

Some of her other on-going research collaborations include inactivity and sedentary behaviour among adolescents in Finland, use of mental imagery and team building in sports. She is also interested in conducting cross-cultural research.

Selected Publications

Brewer, B. W., & Arvinen-Barrow, M. (In Press). Psychology of injury and rehabilitation. The Essential Guide for Mental Performance Consultants.
Kaski, S., & Arvinen-Barrow, M. (2020, December). Urheilijan mieli [Athlete’s mind]. Erola, J. (Ed.). Tieteen ja käytännön äärellä – Podcast.
Arvinen-Barrow, M., & Granquist, M. D. (2020). Psychosocial considerations for rehabilitation of the injured athletic patient. Prentice, W. (Ed.). Rehabilitation Techniques for Sports Medicine and Athletic Training, 7.
Arvinen-Barrow, M., Visek, A. J., & Barrow, A. (2020). Pidä hauskaa – have fun!. Sachs, M., Tashman, L., & Razon, S. (Eds.). Performance excellence: Stories to make your endeavors a success.
Clement, D., LaGuerre, D., & Arvinen-Barrow, M. (2019). Role of religion and spirituality in sport injury rehabilitation. Hemmings, B., Parkes, A., & Watson, N. (Eds.). Sport, psychology and Christianity: Welfare, performance and consultancy, 71-86.
Arvinen-Barrow, M., DeGrave, K., Pack, S., & Hemmings, B. (2019). Transitioning out of professional sport: The psychosocial impact of career-ending non-musculoskeletal injuries among male cricketers from England and Wales. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, 13(4), 629-644.
Arvinen-Barrow, M., & Clement, D., eds. (2019). The psychology of sport and performance injury: An interprofessional case-based approach.
Arvinen-Barrow, M., & Walker, N., eds. (2019). Psychology of sport injury and rehabilitation (Korean translation).
Clement, D., & Arvinen-Barrow, M. (2019). Athletic trainers’ views and experiences of discussing psychosocial and mental health issues with athletes: An exploratory study. Athletic Training & Sports Health Care, 11(5), 213-224.
Pack, S., Hemmings, B., Winter, S., & Arvinen-Barrow, M. (2019). A preliminary investigation into the use of humor in sport psychology practice. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 31(4), 494-502.
Arvinen-Barrow, M. (2018). Injury prevention in sport and performance psychology. Braddick, O. (Ed.). Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Psychology.
Arvinen-Barrow, M., Hamson-Utley, J. J., & DeFreese, J. (2018). Sport injury, rehabilitation, and return to sport. Jim Taylor (Ed.). Assessment in applied sport psychology, 266-295.
Ford, J., Ildefonso, K., Jones, M., & Arvinen-Barrow, M. (2017). Sport-related anxiety: Current insights. Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine, 8, 205-212.
Arvinen-Barrow, M., Hurley, D., & Ruiz, M. C. (2017). Transitioning out of professional sport: The psychosocial impact of career-ending injuries among elite Irish rugby football union players. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, 10(1), 67-84.


Arvinen-Barrow, M. (May 2020). Psychosocial aspects of injury: Tools for physical therapist. Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin Physical Therapist Group Meeting, Google Meet.
Arvinen-Barrow, M. (April 2020). Fostering a self-determined athlete during COVID-19: Strategies for coaches and athletes. Wisconsin Swimming Club Development Coaches Brunch Meeting, Zoom.
Arvinen-Barrow, M. (January 2020). Life after the doctorate and career advice. Graduate School Event: Doctoral Careers and Professional Development, Northampton, United Kingdom.
Arvinen-Barrow, M. (October 2019). Pain and Psychosocial Aspects of Patellofemoral Pain: What can I, as a clinican do?. 2019 International Patellofemoral Pain Clinical Symposium, Milwaukee, WI, USA.
Arvinen-Barrow, M. (October 2019). Biopsychosocial approach to patellofemoral pain: Role of theory in research and clinical practice. 6th International Patellofemoral Research Retreat, Milwaukee, WI, USA.
Arvinen-Barrow, M. (January 2018). “Baseball was made for kids and grown-ups only screw it up” (Bob Lemon): Thoughts on biopsychosocial youth athlete development. Major Youth Baseball Annual Meeting, Milwaukee, WI, USA.

Professional Memberships

  • Chartered Psychologist. British Psychological Society (2010 – present)
  • An elected expert member of Finnish Sport Psychology Association (2008 – present)
  • Association for Applied Sport Psychology (2013 – present)

Honors & Awards

Dorothy V. Harris Memorial Award (2016, September 30) Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP).
Research Bursary for Doctoral Studies (2003) University College Northampton, United Kingdom.