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Barbara B. Meyer, PhD



Ph D Health Education, Counseling Psychology, and Human Performance Michigan State University 1991
MA Health Education, Counseling Psychology, and Human Performance Michigan State University 1988
BS Psychology University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire 1986

Speaker Topics

  • Applied Sport Psychology
  • Integrated Human Performance
  • Rest & Recovery
  • Tactical Athletes
  • Talent Identification and Talent Development
  • Grit in Sport

Interests & Expertise

Dr Meyer’s research projects are borne out of the need to identify solutions to the real life concerns of elite performers. Ongoing research examines: (a) rest and recovery in sport athletes and coaches, as well as tactical athletes; (b) grit in sport and tactical athletes; (c) the symbiotic relationship between talent identification and talent development in elite sport, and; (d) integrated human performance.

In her sport psychology practice, Dr. Meyer uses a systems approach to: (a) enhance the performance of athletes, teams, and sport organizations, and; (b) facilitate rehabilitation and return to sport following injury. She has worked with professional and world-class athletes, teams, and sport organizations in freestyle skiing, ice hockey, speed skating, football, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, equestrian, and many other sports.

Selected Publications

Gnacinski, S. L., Cornell, D. J., Meyer, B. B., Arvinen-Barrow, M., & Earl-Boehm, J. E. (2016, December). Functional Movement Screen Factorial Validity and Measurement Invariance Across Sex Among Collegiate Student-Athletes. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 30(12), 3388-3395.
Cornell, D. J., Ebersole, K., Meyer, B. B., & Zalewski, K. R. (2015). Relationships between extraversion and measures of counter movement jump performance. International Journal of Sports Science, 5(3), 73-79.
Gnacinski, S. L., Meyer, B. B., Cornell, D. J., Mims, J., Zalewski, K. R., & Ebersole, K. (2015). Tactical athletes: An integrated approach to understanding and enhancing firefighter health and performance. International Journal of Exercise Science, 8(4), 341-357.
Massey, M. V., Gnacinski, S. L., & Meyer, B. B. (2015). Psychological skills training in NCAA Division I athletics: Are athletes ready for change? Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, 9(4), 317-344.
Meyer, B. B., Merkur, A., Ebersole, K., & Massey, W. V. (2014). The realities of working in elite sport. What they didn’t teach you in graduate school. Case studies in sport science and medicine. CreateSpace.
Massey, W. V., Meyer, B. B., & Naylor, A. H. (2013). Towards a grounded theory of self-regulation in mixed martial arts. Psychology of Sport & Exercise, 14(1), 12-20.
Massey, W. V., Meyer, B. B., & Hatch, S. J. (2013). The transtheoretical model: Examining readiness for psychological skills training. Journal of Performance Psychology, 2, 3-22.
Gnacinski, S., Meyer, B. B., & Ebersole, K. (2013). Backdraft: The use of applied sport psychology to characterize firefighter performance. , 2-4.
Meyer, B. B., Cashin, S. E., & Massey, W. V. (2012). The equivalence of online and paper-pencil measures of emotional intelligence. , 183-194. Rijeka, Croatia/InTech: Emotional intelligence: New perspectives and applications.
Davis, N. W., & Meyer, B. B. (2009). A comparison of computer assisted and manual methods of qualitative data analysis. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 21, 116-124.
Meyer, B. B., & Lemley, K. (2009). ACSM’s exercise management for persons with chronic diseases and disabilities. , 239-245. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.
Fletcher, T. B., & Meyer, B. B. (2009). Cohesion and women’s collegiate volleyball: A study of adventure based counseling. Journal of Humanistic Education & Development, 48, 173-194.
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Kania, M., Meyer, B. B., & Ebersole, K. (2009). Personal and evnironmental characteristics predicting burnout among certified athletic trainers employed at NCAA institutions. Journal of Athletic Training, 24, 58-66.
Lane, A. M., Meyer, B. B., Devonport, T. J., Davies, K., Thelwell, R., Gill, G. S., Diehl, C., Wilson, M., & Weston, N. (2009). Validity of the emotional intelligence scale for use in sport. Journal of Sport Sciences & Medicine, 8(2), 289-295.

Courses Taught

  • KIN 350: Psychological Aspects of Sport & Exercise
  • KIN 550: Psychological Aspects of Human Movement
  • KIN 552: Psychology of Personal Excellence
  • KIN 850A: Seminar in Psychology of Physical Activity: Applications in Sport & Exercise Psychology
  • KIN 850B: Seminar in Psychology of Physical Activity: Social Psychology
  • KIN 850C: Seminar in Psychology of Physical Activity: Emotional Intelligence
  • HMS 891: Research Seminar
  • HMS 990: Research & Thesis
  • HMS 991: Doctoral Dissertation