UWM ‘Access to Success’ week focuses on streamlining admissions

UWM celebrated its “Access to Success” week, announcing two new programs that guarantee admission to UWM and streamline the transferring of credits. In addition, UWM and its founding partners in the Moon Shot for Equity initiative marked three years of work to boost student success and close equity gaps in higher education.

On Tuesday, Jan. 23, UWM signed agreements with four regional technical colleges: Milwaukee Area Technical College, Waukesha County Technical College, Moraine Park Technical College and Gateway Technical College. UWM has long had transfer pathways in place with many technical colleges, but these new agreements represent the most direct way for associate degree holders to work toward a UWM bachelor’s degree.

All associate degree holders from the four colleges are guaranteed a seamless transfer of at least 60 credits toward a bachelor’s degree at UWM. Interested students will only need to complete a brief intent form — for free — rather than a lengthier, formal admission application.

“We believe that education should be accessible to all,” said UWM Chancellor Mark Mone. “Our goal is to ensure that every student with an associate degree from one of our partner colleges has the opportunity to continue their educational journey at UWM. These agreements reaffirm our commitment to student success and provide a clear path toward earning a bachelor’s degree.”

More details are available on UWM’s website.

Milwaukee Direct Admit program launches

On Thursday morning, Milwaukee Public Schools, UWM and MATC announced the Milwaukee Direct Admit program, in which MPS high school juniors can apply to and receive guaranteed admission to UWM or MATC through a single streamlined format. It is the latest program of the M-Cubed initiative, which aims to increase student retention, graduation and career success.

Through a streamlined online application, Milwaukee Direct Admit will connect a student’s MPS transcript directly with the institutions of their choice. Students who have graduated from high school will only need to provide their name, student ID and where they want to apply. No essays are required, nor do students have to manually send in transcripts. After completing their brief intent form, they’ll hear from UWM and/or MATC in about a month regarding next steps.

The application deadline is June 14. More information is available at the Milwaukee Direct Admit webpage.

EAB’s Moon Shot for Equity marks three years

EAB released preliminary results from the original cohort of four Milwaukee-area colleges and universities, including UWM, that partnered with the company to launch the national Moon Shot for Equity in October 2020.

The four institutions – Carthage College, Milwaukee Area Technical College, UWM and UW-Parkside – all have made significant progress toward fulfilling their pledge to work together and with EAB to substantially boost student success for all students while eliminating equity gaps in student retention and graduation rates by 2030. EAB is the premier provider of higher education research, technology and enrollment solutions.

The public-private initiative is perfectly aligned with UWM’s unique dual mission among Wisconsin colleges as a top-tier research university and an access institution that provides opportunity for all students, including those who are financially or educationally disadvantaged.

For UWM, the reform of minor administrative or financial holds meant that 500 additional students could enroll in the first year of the reform measures.

In addition, donor funding of $5 million helped UWM advance a culture of equity-mindedness, offer scholarships to students seeking to re-enter college and employ advanced technologies for communications and data-driven decision-making. The work has led to a reduction in equity gaps in the one-year retention rate, as well as in the four-year and six-year graduation rates.

“The Moon Shot for Equity has helped UWM make transformational changes to the way we promote student success,” UWM Chancellor Mark Mone said. “I look forward to building upon this momentum with unwavering determination to close achievement gaps.”

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