Submit 2023 fiscal year-end IT purchases soon

All non-catalog orders for computer hardware and software purchases must be submitted to IT Purchasing no later than Wednesday, May 24, to be entered with funding for this fiscal year (FY23).

To make a request for an IT purchase, please use the Purchase Request Form.

If you need assistance determining what computers or other IT equipment your department should replace, please contact the UWM Help Desk to request an inventory of equipment. IT professionals can also discuss with you the best options for upgrading or replacing computer hardware.

Some other information about purchasing within the fiscal year:

  • The IT purchase must be charged within the current fiscal year to use current funds. Most vendors charge on the date the item ships, not the date it was ordered. This means funds are not guaranteed to be allocated to FY23.
  • If you are purchasing an item that has a lead time to ship (for example, a three-week lead time for a laptop), factor in that lead time when determining if the item will be billed in the current fiscal year.
  • Any orders submitted after May 26, 2023, will be automatically assigned to funding for the next fiscal year (FY24).

For more information about IT purchasing and using the Purchase Request Form, please see the IT Procurement website.

For assistance regarding this topic, please contact the UWM Help Desk.

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