Campus springs to life as students move in

UWM’s Milwaukee campus shed its summer drowsiness in a burst of activity this week as students began moving into residence halls for the fall semester.

Some 3,900 students are moving into the university’s residence halls. It’s the first year since 2020 that all four halls are fully open, after three years of pandemic restrictions and renovations. The west tower of Sandburg Hall reopened after being closed for renovations that included new kitchenettes, upgraded elevators, additional accessible rooms and climate-controlled lounge spaces.

Some other interesting tidbits about move-in:

  • 36: Number of states that UWM residents will be traveling from to move into residence halls
  • 45: Number of countries represented by University Housing residents
  • 81: Number of hours dedicated to training student resident assistants
  • 198: On average, the number of students scheduled to arrive per hour at UWM’s residence halls
  • About 300: Number of moving carts in use per hour to help residents roll their belongings up to their rooms
  • 917: Number of lofts delivered to residence halls
  • About 45,000: The number of feet of shrink wrap used to help secure residents’ belongings as they move them from street level to their rooms