Undergrad researchers show their work at symposium

The annual UWM Undergraduate Research Symposium celebrates the collaborations of UWM undergraduate students with the university’s larger research community.

Students find opportunities mainly through the Office of Undergraduate Research, or by reaching out to faculty in disciplines that interest them. At this year’s symposium, over 250 UWM students, mentored by over 130 of UWM’s faculty and research staff, presented their work.

Students from a wide variety of schools and colleges presented their findings in posters, art and oral presentations.

The judges do not know the topics that they are evaluating beforehand in order to see how well the students can explain their research to someone outside of their departments. These presentations were judged by faculty, graduate students, alumni, and staff volunteers.

Outstanding presentation winners this year are:

  • Preston Burdett (Chemistry)
  • Elizabeth Lappano (Theatre)
  • Nathan Ebersole (Psychology)
  • Kendyl Froberg (Communication Sciences and Disorders)
  • Julia Egly (Kinesiology)
  • Madisyn Adelman (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Jessica Kania (Psychology)
  • Kelsey Sponholz (Biological Sciences)
  • Ivan Martin (Nursing)
  • David Marsella (Materials Science & Engineering)
  • Charles Rojas (Linguistics)
  • Terra Johnson (Geosciences)
  • Liam Farin (History)
  • Florin Saitis (Biological Sciences)
  • Nicholas Richards (Psychology)
  • Ashley Hale (Film Studies)
  • Harleen Tewatia (Biological Sciences)
  • Emlyn Swardenski (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Anna Lutz (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
  • William Zickler (Computer Sciences)
  • Aniket Singh (Mathematics & Natural Sciences)
  • Amelia Scheiber (Biological Sciences)