Chancellor’s Welcome

One year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic began changing lives across the United States and around the globe. We have all faced incredibly challenging times, and many have endured difficult losses. At UWM, we’ve met these trying times with resiliency and resolve, and by serving our communities through research, education and engagement. I’m honored to share some of these efforts with you in this latest edition of UWM Research magazine.

Mark Mone
Mark Mone

UWM researchers, like so many of their colleagues around the world, went right to work on pandemic-related issues in the areas of prevention, treatment, education, information, communication and more. In our Spotlight on COVID-19, you’ll get a closer look at their progress, including the promising research explored in our cover story about Sandra McLellan.

Professor McLellan is a driving force behind an innovative effort to use community wastewater treatment facilities as early-warning systems in the fight against COVID-19. Her work is already providing vital information about how to track COVID-19 trends and laying the foundation to implement similar systems nationwide for this pandemic and future ones.

UWM’s world-class research has continued in other areas as well. You’ll learn about how Black communities rallied for fair housing and how engineers are on the leading edge of water purification methods. You’ll see how our scientists are exploring better ways to harness light for data transmission and see the Connected Systems Institute’s fully functional next-generation factory that recently opened on UWM’s Milwaukee campus. You’ll also read about important research being done by our undergraduate and graduate students.

Knowing how UWM’s faculty members, staff and students are positively impacting their world every day gives me immense pride. I encourage you to learn more in this magazine, and I thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,
Mark A. Mone, PhD