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Photo illustration of a human heart

An algorithm for the heart

The algorithm developed by applied mathematics doctoral student John Jurkiewicz will allow heart cell researchers to get their results in minutes, rather than hours.

Previous Issues

Illustration of a rocket launching

Safer fueling for rocket launches

UWM mechanical engineering doctoral student Amin Zarandi is exploring ways to fine-tune rocket fuel tanks to improve the fuel-burning process.

Photo of three hands, each holding another person's wrist

Black women cultivate community

Nikotris Perkins wants to delve deeper into how Black women make everything work & fulfill multiple roles while facing challenges such as racism and sexism.

Child coming her hair

A dose of humor for treating fears

Children with Williams syndrome often struggle with anxiety and fear. New research done at UWM shows treating objects of fear with humor can help children overcome their phobias.

Graphic of a human brain

The brain surgery app

Students in UWM’s App Brewery worked with doctors at the Medical College of Wisconsin to develop an app that helps guide doctors during brain surgery. The app is being tested at hospitals nationwide.

Nurse with an elderly woman

A doctorate earned from afar in Oman

Amal Ali Al-Ghassani’s research shows frequent visits from family members and home health workers are critical in a country lacking nursing homes. Her work was inspired by her father-in-law’s experience with stroke.


The mystery of beach bum bacteria

New research done at UWM shows E. coli in sand may not be a sign of sewage-polluted runoff, and health officials may be closing some beaches unnecessarily.