Well Entrepreneur: New Beginnings & Possibilities

Dear Well Entrepreneur Community,

As we welcome and adapt to the start of the new semester in these ever evolving times, I’m reminded of the words from the poet John O’Donohue, “When the heart is ready for a fresh beginning, unforeseen things can emerge. And in a sense, this is exactly what a beginning does. It is an opening for surprises. Surrounding the intention and the act of beginning, there are always exciting possibilities.”

Entrepreneurship is a continual invitation into new beginnings; a space where our hopes and dreams both dance in the excitement of possibility, and do the hard work of living in between ideation and realization — of living and leaning into the unknown. With each passing moment, we are offered the opportunity to attune to the present, discern how we might pivot or proceed, and practice letting go of our attachment to the outcome.

In the newness of this school year or your business idea, I invite you to reflect on John’s words with me: “What is the new horizon in you that wants to be seen?” What qualities will you cultivate to support your intentions along the way? Perhaps you’ll invite kindness, patience and compassion into your life and work. Or maybe you’ll choose to simply be open to receiving. Either way, we plant the seeds of possibility with an open mind and an open heart, one moment at a time.

Wishing each of you healthy beginnings and every possible joy along the way.

Amelia Coffaro
Well Entrepreneur in Residence
Lubar Entrepreneurship Center UW Milwaukee