Welcome New Lubar Entrepreneurship Center Innovation Interns!

The Lubar Entrepreneurship Center is happy to announce the growth of the LEC team with the addition of two new Innovation Interns, Lilith Lenz and Mitch Janezic! Read on below to learn more about the new LEC team members.

Meet Lilith

Lilith is a sophomore majoring in vocal performance and Italian. As an international student from Germany with roots in Ethiopia, Lilith has found her passion as an advocate for non-bias training and more equitable opportunities. Her goal in the future is to create her own nonprofit organization using the power of music to support children worldwide. In her free time Lilith loves to cook, play the piano, paint and practice yoga.

Fun Fact:

Lilith founded the student organization Colors of Music and played the drums for 5 years.


Meet Mitch

Mitch Janezic is a transfer student in the UW-Milwaukee Education program, and a (super) senior to college as a whole. Having previously majored in Chemistry at Michigan Technological University, he has lived in multiple places in both Michigan and Wisconsin. His goal for the future is to teach students around the world about the wonders of both mathematics and chemistry. Some of Mitch’s hobbies are reading and writing poetry, sailing in the summer, skiing in the winter, going on urban or rural hikes, and watching good (or very bad) movies.

Fun Fact:

Mitch can recite the entirety of the main monologue from The Lighthouse from memory (and has, on many occasions). Mitch also enjoys working in theatre and was part of both stage crew and acting in his high school.


Welcome Lilith and Mitch! We are excited to see the innovation you bring to the LEC.