Introducing: Well Entrepreneur

Welcome to Well Entrepreneur, a new initiative brought to you by a partnership between the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center (LEC) and Amelia Coffaro, and dedicated to supporting your well-being as an entrepreneur! 

As we continue to adapt and pivot to new ways of being and working in the world, we also wanted to pause and consider how we move forward as a community. This moment is not only an opportunity for all of us to thoughtfully consider how taking care of our health and well-being is inherently connected to our lives as entrepreneurs, but to also consider innovative ways we can redefine what a healthy path of entrepreneurship looks like and why it matters.

Here in this space of the LEC Newsletter, we have three main goals:

    • Establish well-being as a foundational and integral part of entrepreneurship in a way that adds dimension and brings value to the LEC and MKE community.
    • Highlight entrepreneurship and innovation  — create an inclusive and diverse community for wellness entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs interested in wellness.
    • Share accessible and holistic tools, practices and resources that can support individual well-being in daily life.

Individual well-being motivates collective well-being and compassionate action in the world —  and it’s through this sense of connection that we as an entrepreneurship community can impact the work we do together and the ways that we do it.

Stay tuned to this space where we will share something new every two weeks! We’d also love to hear from YOU! Is there a specific tool or well-being practice you’re interested in and would love to learn more about? Are you a leader in the space of wellness entrepreneurship and have something to share with the community? Please feel free to reach out, we’d love to connect.

We look forward to creating this community with each of you! Please stay tuned for an announcement about an upcoming virtual well-being event!  In the meantime, be kind to yourselves and one another.

Amelia Coffaro

This initiative is a project in partnership with Amelia Coffaro, a licensed yoga therapist with a mission to make integrative health and healing accessible to everyone. Amelia was a part of the I-Corps cohort in 2019 and more recently completed the Student Start Up Challenge at the LEC. You can learn more about her here.