Talsma, AkkeNeel

Associate Professor, Nursing
Schroeder Chair, 

Dr. AkkeNeel Talsma is working on developing an integrated learning platform for pregnant women. In the process of developing her learning platform Dr. Talsma has come across many questions related to the pandemic and practical issues that would normally be discussed with a nurse. The website and learning platform she is developing  would help to answer burning questions on prenatal and postpartum topics. The web app will be useful to both the civilian and military women and new moms. Dr. Talsma initiated her project following the NSF I-Corps program and upon receiving the UWM RF Catalyst fund. The UWM RF Catalyst fund has helped to bring students onto the research and development team, and conduct important interview to better define the project.

I can offer...

I can offer my expertise in designing, implementing and analyzing research studies, quality improvement and implementation projects. I'm very comfortable with clinical data, big data, and reporting. I've gone through the NSF I-Corps program and serve as a mentor for I-Corps teams. I have experience with taking research concepts to a startup and am happy to connect with you.


NURS 434 - Nursing Informatics

NURS 750 - Outcomes and Quality Management

NURS 897 - Independent Study for Doctoral Students

NURS 997 - Doctoral Dissertation