Statement of Support for Glossa

We, the undersigned faculty of the Department of Linguistics at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, state our support for the editorial team that has founded the open-access journal Glossa after resigning en masse from Lingua in protest of the exorbitant and opaque pricing practices of its publisher, Elsevier. We recognize Glossa as the true successor to Lingua, and we pledge to support the new journal. We furthermore pledge not to submit our work for publication in Lingua should Elsevier persist in publishing a journal under that name, nor to review papers or serve on the editorial board of that journal if asked.

Relevant background information can be found via the following links:

Lingua is dead. Long live Glossa! (Language Log)
Notification from editor-in-chief Johan Rooryck


Garry Davis
Fred Eckman
Nicholas Fleisher
Hamid Ouali
Hanyong Park
Sandra Liliana Pucci
Anne Pycha
Jae Yung Song
Tue Trinh