The College of Letters & Science and the Department of Linguistics offer several different scholarships and awards. Most application deadlines are in spring (March & April) for the following school year (i.e. apply in March 2020 for scholarships paid beginning in September 2020).

The scholarship application process for all students and all scholarships begins with UWM’s Scholarship Portal. You will need to complete the general application and the College of Letters & Science application. The College application consists of just one item – upload a copy of your most recent transcript.

Some scholarships require no additional application beyond this general scholarship application and uploaded transcript; students are automatically reviewed for these types of scholarships. You may also see scholarships on your Scholarship Portal dashboard that you can “Apply To.” These are scholarships which do require additional information beyond the general application and uploaded transcript. Be sure to read the description for these to make sure you meet the eligibility requirements before submitting the additional information that is being requested.

Specific to Linguistics students, we offer The Eckman Scholarship. This scholarship is given to a linguistics major with demonstrated academic achievement, as well as financial need. The Eckman Scholarship was established by Dr. Fred Eckman and his wife, Ellen. Dr. Eckman is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at UWM. During his 43 year career at UWM, Dr. Eckman focused his research on second language acquisition, second language phonology, and second language syntax.