MA TESOL Program

The MA in TESOL and Applied Linguistics prepares students to become knowledgeable theoretically grounded professionals in the field of language education. The primary content areas emphasized are: linguistic knowledge and metaknowledge, (i.e. knowledge about language), the process of second language acquisition, approaches to classroom learning and instruction, instructional research, and sociocultural aspects of learner populations. Guided participation is provided in the form of fieldwork and practicum experiences.

Course requirements consist of the following:

Program Curriculum

33-credit minimum, which includes 10 required core courses and one optional course:

Required courses:

Linguis 410G: Literacy, Grammar, and Methodologies in ESL Education

Linguis 720: Second Language Acquisition

Linguis 750: Introduction to Phonetics

Linguis 761: Introduction to Phonology

Linguis 764: Introduction to Syntax

Linguis 767: Methodologies and Approaches in Adult/University-Level TESOL

Linguis 567G: Materials for ESL Instruction

Linguis 789: Practicum in Teaching ESL to Adult Learners

Linguis 888: Candidate for Degree (Applied Linguistics Capstone)

CurrIns 655: Applied Educational Linguistics


One elective, to be chosen from the following:

Ad Ldsp 757: Principles and Foundations of Adult Education

CurrIns 503: Assessment Issues in Language Education

CurrIns 542: History and Politics of Second Language Education

ComSDis 711: Applied Speech Science

Linguis 766: Semantics

Linguis 520: Advanced Second Language Acquisition: (Subtitle)

Linguis 570: Issues in Bilingualism

Linguis 430G: Language and Society

Linguis 708 Proseminar in Linguistics

Linguis 806: Seminar in Linguistics: (Language Acquisition topic)


Students with no previous background in Linguistics are strongly recommended to take Linguistics 708 as their elective, and to begin their degree program with this course.