Graduate Certificate

Admission to the TESOL certificate and MA programs has been suspended. For any questions, please contact Dr. Glenn Starr,

The Adult/University-Level TESOL Graduate Certificate Program is designed to meet the needs of graduate non-degree students or graduate students concurrently enrolled in a UWM master’s or PhD program who wish to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) to adults or university-level students abroad. Requirements for this program are very similar to those for the “Adult/University-Level TESOL Undergraduate Certificate Program,” which accepts undergraduate students and post-baccalaureate special students, but training in the graduate certificate program is more rigorous. Up to 12 of the 21 credits earned can be applied (concurrently or subsequently) to the Linguistics Department’s MA program.

View the TESOL Certificate Learning Outcomes.


Students who wish to apply to the program should apply online via the Graduate School’s Graduate Certificate Admission page.

Additional Information

Students who previously have taken any of the required courses at the graduate level while enrolled in other programs at UWM may transfer the credits earned into the certificate program, so long as the courses have been taken within the last five years. Students who have taken comparable courses at other institutions may be allowed to transfer in up to 6 credits of course work, upon approval by the certificate program coordinator. Students who have completed any of the required courses for undergraduate credit must substitute courses at the graduate level, selected in consultation with the certificate program coordinator.

The teaching internship is completed at one of the internship institutions affiliated with the certificate program, and placement is made by the TESOL coordinator. The student is expected to complete approximately 50 hours of supervised teaching over the course of the semester.

Students receive the certificate upon completion of all the required course work and the teaching internship with a GPA of 3.0 or better.

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