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PhD Alumni


Doaa Alosaimi
Dissertation: The acquisition of English consonant clusters by Hijazi Arabic speakers: The effects of L1 transfer vs. markedness vs. input frequency

Jacklyn Ryan
Dissertation: Is that a rhetorical question?: A pragmatic analysis


Saad Alshahrani (Assistant Professor, Department of English, Bisha University, Saudi Arabia)
Dissertation: Syllable structure and phonological processes of Southern Najdi Arabic: An Optimality Theoretic model

Hamideh Bagherzadeh
Dissertation: The acquisition of morphology and morphosyntax of Persian (Farsi) heritage language as an independent variety in the United States: New perspectives

Okgi Kim (Lecturer, Kyung Hee University and Chung-Ang University)
Dissertation: The syntax and semantics of non-standard wh-constructions in Korean

Jieun Lee (Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Kansas)
Dissertation: Individual differences in non-native phonological contrast learning: The role of perceptual sensitivity to sub-phonemic variation in native categories


Saja Albuarabi (Instructor, Gateway Technical College)
Dissertation: The syntax of negation in Iraqi Arabic

Abdullah Alsubhi
Dissertation: The development of case morphology and sentential word order in Arabic as a second language: A processability perspective

Ruqayyah Althubyani (Faculty, Department of English Language, Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia)
Dissertation: The effect of shadowing in learning L2 segments: A perspective from phonetic convergence


Mohammed Abuhaib (Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Department of English, Al-Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, Saudi Arabia)
Dissertation: Remarks on Modern Standard Arabic construct state and quantification

Turki Alwahibee (Assistant Professor, College of Languages and Translation, Al-Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, Saudi Arabia)
Dissertation: Simple subject-verb agreement: A morphosyntactic path to Arabic variations


Abdel-Rahman Abu Helal (Assistant Professor, Department of English Language and Literature, Middle East University, Jordan)
Dissertation: Logical form in the second language: An investigation into quantification in interlanguage

Yasser Albaty (Lecturer in Linguistics, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia)
Dissertation: Modality, control and restructuring in Arabic

Salem Albuhayri (Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia)
Dissertation: Information structure in Standard Arabic verbal sentences

Amal El Haimeur (Assistant Teaching Professor of Arabic and African and African-American Studies, University of Kansas)
Dissertation: The acquisition of morphology in Moroccan heritage speakers in France


Yahya Aldholmi (Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia)
Dissertation: Segmental contributions to speech intelligibility in nonconcatenative vs. concatenative languages

Reham Alhammad (Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia)
Dissertation: The role of the syllable contact law-semisyllable (SCL-SEMI) in the coda clusters of Najdi Arabic and other languages

Maria Teresa Bonfatti Sabbioni
Dissertation: Italian as a heritage language spoken in the US


Bader Yousef Alharbi (Assistant Professor of English and Linguistics, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia)
Dissertation: The syntax of copular clauses in Arabic


Juman Al Bukhari (Associate Professor, Department of Modern and Classical Languages, University of North Georgia)
Dissertation: The syntax of elliptical constructions in Jordanian Arabic

Zafer Lababidi (Assistant Teaching Professor of Arabic and Assistant Director and Advisor, Middle Eastern Studies Program, Florida State University)
Dissertation: The L2 perceptual mapping of Arabic and English consonants by American English learners

Liya Mar (Adjunct Faculty of Chinese, Portland State University and Portland Community College, Oregon)
Dissertation: Covert contrast: The acquisition of Mandarin tone 2 and tone 3 in L2 production and perception


Siriporn Lerdpaisalwong (Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages, Kasetsart University, Thailand)
Dissertation: Perception training of Thai learners: American English consonants and vowels

Abdellatif Oulhaj (Associate Professor, Defense Critical Language and Culture Program, University of Montana)
Dissertation: The developmental stages of the acquisition of Arabic by adult English-speaking learners: Processability theory and the formulaic language


Albert Krahn
Dissertation: A new paradigm for punctuation

Kelsie Pattillo (German Teacher, Elm Grove School District, Wisconsin)
Dissertation: Cross-linguistic metonymies in human limb nomenclature


Dola Algady (Assistant Professor, Sohar University, Oman)
Dissertation: The acquisition of relative clauses: How do second language learners of Arabic do it?

Alison Garcia (Lecturer in Spanish, Carroll University)
Dissertation: Allophonic variation in the Spanish sibilant fricative

MA Alumni


Allison Potter
Thesis: Variability is key: How French liaison production in Nigerien French sheds a light on dialectal and acquisition differences


Fatima Beldaha
Thesis: The effects of phonetic training on the novel production of the German consonants [ç] and [x]

Andrew Miller
Thesis: Recognizing and remedying the African American English learning gap: An educational reform proposal


Eunryoung Cho
Thesis: Fundamental frequency and news topics of newscaster speech

Rachel Elizabeth Confair
Thesis: Fricative voicing in Texan and Wisconsin English

Joshua Harmon (ESL instructor, Appleton, WI)
Thesis: The effect of speech production on novel L2 sound training


Samantha Burgos
Thesis: English morphosyntactic acquisition order: An account of processing constraints on developmental sequences

Joseph Moran
Thesis: Determining factors in second language acquisition of English modals


Tanner LeTourneau


Nicole Desjarlais
Thesis: Actions speak louder than words: A study of the variable use of quotatives in Milwaukee, WI

Laura Kiskunas (Research assistant and lab manager, University of Iowa)
Thesis: Perception of a foreign accent in L2: A study of Arabic and Korean speakers of English


Dylan Pearson (PhD student, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, Indiana University)

Jacklyn Ryan (PhD student, Department of Linguistics, UWM)
Thesis: I’m like, “You have an attitude”: The behaviors of be like and its users


Amara Sankhagowit (Teacher, Friendship Public Charter School)
Thesis: Distribution of tone phonemes in Thai


Yahya Aldholmi
Thesis: Reconsideration of the seven predicates followed by three accusatives in Standard Arabic

Ruth Corddry
Thesis: Ironic speech perception and dyslexia

Laurel Schenkoske


Meagan Dailey
Thesis: An exploration of the motivations behind Hawu vowel metathesis


Humaid Al Wahaibi
Thesis: Subject positions in Bedouin Omani Arabic



Patrice Vnuk
Thesis: English literacy for non-print-literate adult English learners: Combining Experiential Learning and the Language Experience approach

Bielasan Zaina
Thesis: Morphosyntactic structures of progressive aspect in the oral production of heritage Najdi Arabic speakers


Abby Jefferson
Thesis: To err is human, to repeat a sign: A sentence reproduction task, cognitive load, and errors in L2 ASL production and perception

Len Leverson
Thesis: A course in legal English and U.S. law for undergraduate Japanese law students

Nicole Ludmer
Thesis: The importance of using artificially intelligent personal assistants in teaching English voicing contrast to adult language learners

Hannah Steiner
Thesis: A pre-college writing curriculum and pilot course for adult ELL students in a community based literacy program


Jaume Aguilo
Thesis: International contact and its effects on motivation to learn a second language among Japanese adults

Lilly Vang
Thesis: Language attitudes of Hmong: A survey and phenomenological analysis