Phonology Lab

At the UWM Phonology Lab, located in Johnston G32, we run experiments to investigate the mechanisms that people to use to pronounce, understand, and remember words, with a focus on how different types of consonants and vowels, as well as different types of roots and affixes, can affect these mechanisms. We are especially interested in people’s conscious and subjective responses to the spoken world around them, and in the ways that they construct memories of what they have heard.

Directed by Assistant Professor Anne Pycha, the Phonology Lab has resources for collecting high-quality speech recordings, including a USB microphone pre-amplifier and head-mounted uni-directional microphones. The Phonology Lab also has resources for conducting speech perception experiments, including an Eye-Link 1000 eye-tracker, reaction-time boxes, E-Prime software, high-quality headphones, desktop computers, and tablets for conducting experiments in the field.

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