Kelsie Pattillo

PhD 2014
 Johnston Hall 131


  • PhD Linguistics, UWM (2014)
  • MA Linguistics & German, UWM
  • BA Foreign Language Teaching & History, Central Washington University

Research Interests

Linguistic typology, lexical semantics, language contact, language documentation & revitalization, phonology, historical linguistics, sociolinguistics

Teaching Areas

Introduction to linguistics, sociolinguistics, TESOL, field methods, ESL, German

Courses Taught

100- Diversity of the Human Language

210- Power of Words

350- Intro to Linguistics

565- Intro to Adult/University Level TESOL

430- Sociolinguistics

490- Field Methods

Other Activities

Teaching Assistant Supervisor

Selected Publications

Pattillo, K. (2020). I bought a bag of bagels. Madison: Wisconsin Englishes Project.

Pattillo, K. (in print) From head to toe: how languages extend the head to name body parts. In I. Kraska-Szlenk (Ed.), Embodiment in Cross-Linguistic Studies: The ‘Head’. Leiden: Brill.

Pattillo, K. (2016). Review of Austin, Peter & Julia Sallabank (eds.), Endangered languages: Beliefs and ideologies in language documentation and description. Studies in Language. 40:3. 705-712.

Pattillo, K. (2015). Review of Iwona Kraszka-Szlenk, Semantics of Body Part Terms: General Trends and a Case Study of Swahili. LinguistList.

Pattillo, K. (2013). The typology of Uyghur harmony and consonants. Rice Working Papers in Linguistics, vol. 4.