Quigley reports on Apple internship

Doctoral student Daniel Quigley is doing an internship at Apple, which he describes below.

Daniel: “My title is Production Engineer, and I work with the team that writes software and publishes content to demo products in non-Apple stores all over the world. This involves developing, maintaining, and documenting automation frameworks, scripting (Python), and checking that each deployment to each locale meets local content and language requirements.

Though primarily a remote internship, I have been able to come out to Cupertino to Apple proper where I have worked on site in the lab space and in the office. This has been extraordinarily valuable, learning the rhythm and dynamics of a corporate setting. My mentor and colleagues have been very encouraging about networking and meeting with people outside the team, so I have had some great opportunities to connect with linguists and machine learning and artificial intelligence engineers and researchers here as well.”

Congrats, Daniel!