Dr. Anita Alkhas publishes L’arte vivente: Baudelaire e Duchamp

Congratulations to Anita Alkhas, UWM Associate Professor of French, whose book is now out in Italian translation: L’arte vivente: Baudelaire e Duchamp (Archivio Dedalus Edizioni).

Front and back cover of L'arte vivende: Baudelaire e Duchamp by Anita Jon Alkhas. White background, black text, mostly-black line drawing of a heart with 3 branches growing from it. On the left branch is a skull sticking out a red tongue. On the right, a breast with a red nipple, dripping blood. In the center, the heads of Baudelaire and Duchamp, facing in opposite directions, smoking pipes with blue smoke. Above the heads is the word SPLEEN, below the breast is the word IDEAL.