How to Apply

To apply to the Accelerated Degree Program, you must apply to the Graduate School and to MALLT.

Applying to the Graduate School

To apply to the Graduate School, you will need to do the following:

  1. Visit the Graduate School website to review the admission requirements and complete the Graduate School Degree Application
  2. Transcripts: One official transcript sent directly to the Graduate School from each undergraduate school attended. If you attended UWM as an undergraduate, the Graduate School will obtain transcripts from the UWM Undergraduate Records Office.
  3. Reasons Statement: An essential part of your application, the Reasons Statement is used to determine the appropriateness of your educational and professional goals and serves as an example of your ability to express yourself in writing. In the statement:
    • Explain your reasons for pursuing graduate study.
    • Describe specific interests and your background in the field.
    • List any relevant skills or training you have acquired.
    • List relevant academic awards or honors you have received.
    • If your program requires recommendations, list the names of those individuals who will write on your behalf.
  4. Pay the application fee(s): a $56 application fee is required of all applicants, and an additional $40 evaluation fee is required for applicants with college-level work from non-U.S. colleges

Applying to the Accelerated Degree Program through MALLT

To apply to MALLT, you will need to do the following:

  1. All applicants must pass a qualifying exam to be considered for admission; For more information and to register for the exam, please go to Qualifying Exam.
  2. Applicants are required to submit the following materials directly to the MALLT Coordinator, or by email to
    • Three letters of recommendation
      • Letters must be written on institutional letterhead, be signed and dated, and be sent directly to the program by the referee.
      • All letters should be accompanied with a Letter of Recommendation Form (pdf, doc).
      • At least two of the letters should be from instructors acquainted with your academic work and potential.
      • Letters should address the following: the length and nature of your acquaintance with the applicant, their academic preparedness for graduate level work, and related research and/or work experience.
    • Statement of purpose
      • This should be a well-developed statement of at least 500 words outlining your academic background and interests, reasons for pursuing graduate study, and professional goals. This statement will serve as your writing sample.