High School Students Experience UWM College Life at Wisconsin High School Model United Nations

Over 700 students came to the UWM campus in March to participate in IWA’s Wisconsin High School Model United Nations (WHSMUN) conference!  The students represented over 100 countries from around the world and negotiated diplomatic solutions to significant global challenges including access to education, the plight of environmental refugees, and the trade in arms that fuel conflicts around the world.

Students also experienced a taste of a college experience through an array of breakout sessions.  Youth interested in global sustainability toured the campus with UWM’s Chief of Sustainability to discover practical solutions to sustainability challenges. Nearly 200 students attended a lecture on the Ebola crisis in West Africa by College of Nursing Professor Aaron Buseh.  Others participated in a seminar on Labor Practices and Migrant Workers led by IWA Interim Director and Sociology Professor A. Aneesh.  Additional breakout sessions introduced students to specialized academic programs, study abroad and career opportunities, and UWM’s United Nations Summer Seminar program in New York.