UWM’s CIE-NRC Title VI grant supports the efforts of strengthening global education and expanding national capacity in the world languages, in part, by expanding global studies and foreign language course offerings. 

Funds will be awarded to a single faculty/instructor or a group of faculty/instructors to develop a new course or enhance an existing course in the Global Studies tracks or in a less-commonly taught language (LCTL) department or program. Please see more information below.

  • Application Deadline: February 26, 2024
  • Maximum Award:
    • Course Development: $3,000
    • Course Redesign: $2,000
    • Course Enhancement: $1,000
  • Definitions: 
    • “Development” is defined as the creation of a course that is a new addition to the course catalog
    • “Redesign” is defined as a change in the delivery mode and/or the addition of substantial new material, activities, and/or assignments that infuse LCTL or Global Studies content throughout the course described in the proposal. A redesign must be substantially greater than the creation of a new module. 
    • “Enhancement” is defined as the addition of a new course module, which incorporates new material, activities, and/or assignments that broaden the LCTL or Global Studies content of the course described in the proposal. Modules should include approximately two weeks of instructional material that can be either a discreet unit or infused throughout the course
  • Eligibility: UWM faculty/instructors proposing to develop a new course or redesign or enhance an existing course in the Global Studies tracks in a less-commonly taught language (LCTL) department or program.  Please note that priority consideration will be given to first-time applicants.
  • Allowable Expenses:
    • Supplies and expenses (i.e. instructional material purchases, research, conference attendance, travel costs;
    • Honoraria for guest lecturers
    • Student hourly research assistance;
    • Salary** (Note: available only for course development awards. Taxes will be deducted from your salary, reducing the award amount received);
    • Other creative and innovative ideas that align with the mission and parameters of the NRC grant.
Application Requirements

Application Deadline: Monday, February 26, 2024

Application Materials include a signed narrative, a completed budget, and any supporting documentation. You can pause and return to this form at any time – your progress is automatically saved.

Support and Selection of Awardees

he NRC grant manager administers the awards, provides support to language faculty and staff before, during, and after the award period, and works alongside the grant’s evaluation team, Socially Responsible Evaluation in Education (SREed), to conduct evaluation and reporting on NRC-funded activities in the languages.

The NRC Language and Global Studies Review Committees are responsible for reviewing the proposals and selecting awardees based on contribution to language learning and campus globalization at UWM, alignment with NRC grant goals and interests, and feasibility of implementation. Selection criteria specific to each award are included in the application.

Applicants are responsible for working with their supervisor, department chair, and/or dean to ensure proposed activities have the necessary campus support and approvals for the activity/course to occur.  All expenditures must be approved by the NRC grant manager before purchase. Purchases made without prior approval will NOT be reimbursed.