NRC Post-Activity Reporting 

As a condition of the NRC Title VI award, all recipients must complete a post-activity evaluation survey in Qualtrics. A full list of 2023-24 projects and their associated project-codes and project-end-dates can also be found here. Grantees may complete their post-activity survey any time after their stated project end-date but must submit their post-activity survey no later than October 1, 2024. Please note that failure to complete the survey by October 1, 2024, may affect consideration for future CIE-NRC Title VI funding opportunities.  

In addition to detailing the goals, implementation, and outcomes of the project, the survey will ask recipients to consider how their sponsored activity equips our diverse student population with global competencies that prepare graduates to fill roles in fields related to security, diplomacy, international business and education. Such competencies include world languages, knowledge of global systems and how they are related, awareness of local to global connections, and recognizing their role in a global society. To view the full version of the post-activity survey, please see the PDF below: 

NRC Qualtrics Survey Questions (Y2 2023-24).pdf 

Contact Information: 

The grant’s evaluation team, Socially Responsible Evaluation in Education (SREed) can assist with any technical questions and can be reached by email at  

For questions or concerns about NRC activity reporting requirements, please contact the NRC grant Manager, Rachel Hegland, at