The Institute of World Affairs engages in an on-going pursuit of being active listeners to what middle and high school students need, want, and care about in their lives and communities with an intentional focus on facilitating and supporting them as leaders.

Throughout the year, students may participate in wide range of activities either in their schools and communities in pursuit of Wisconsin’s Global Scholar high school certificate, virtually or on-campus for a ½ day or multi-day workshop, individually designed classroom visit with a global practitioner, or through break-out sessions for workshops facilitated by various community partners. 

Most of our student programs and activities have a focus on taking action and inspiring others to get involved and take action as well.  Common frameworks we have been incorporating into our programs include, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, design thinking, mindfulness practices, and art as a medium for learning and expression.  

Middle and High School students group photo on a staircase
Poster with paper chain, flowers and different values written on it