2023-24 NRC Title VI Awards in the Languages & Global Studies

Image of red brick building on UWM campus

Since 2014, UWM’s International National Resource Center (NRC) Title VI grant program has continued to support international and language learning on campus through curriculum development, professional training, and sociocultural programming for faculty and instructors in UWM’s language departments/programs and The Departments of International and Global Studies.

This year, the International NRC awarded over $25,000 to faculty, instructors, and student organizations to support conference travel, curriculum development, and sociocultural programming. Below is a full list of 2023-24 NRC Awards Recipients:

  • Aragorn Quinn, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Japanese Language Program
  • Ermitte Saint Jacques, Assistant Professor, African and African Diaspora Studies
  • Fahed Masalkhi, Senior Teaching Faculty and Co-coordinator, Arabic Language Program
  • Jacob Rammer, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • Lu Yin, Teaching Faculty, Chinese Language Program
  • M. Estrella Sotomayor, Senior Teaching Faculty, Spanish Language Program
  • Masako Lackey, Senior Teaching Faculty and Co-Coordinator, Japanese Language Program
  • Meghan Murphy-Lee, Senior Teaching Faculty, Russian Language program
  • Mingyu Sun, Director, Language Resource Center
  • Nan Kim, Associate Professor, History 
  • Sarah Cordova, Professor, French Language Program
  • Sooyeon Lee, Senior Lecturer, Co-Coordinator Lecturer, Korean Language Program
  • Susana Antunes, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Portuguese Language Program
  • Yuko Kojima-Wert, Senior Teaching Faculty, Japanese Language Program

The International NRC Title VI Grant Program was also able to provide funding to two UWM student organizations this year. 

The first award went to Africology Now in support of their Black History Month Program, “What Un/Binds? Notes on the Diasporic Circulation of Contemporary African Music” with Dr. Tosin Gbogim Assistant Professor at Marquette University. 

The Africology Now club is a student organization created to encourage both undergraduate and graduate studies in African and African Diaspora Studies at UWM (formerly the Department of Africology) and educate members on topics and issues concerning Africa and its diaspora, racial and gender inequality, and segregation and Black mobilization. Club members, as well as faculty and staff, meet regularly to engage in peer tutoring, exchange creative writings, plan trips and “get-togethers”, and discuss career opportunities. In addition, we invite important Black activists and intellectuals to UWM to speak at cultural and academic events, as well as participate in Black Studies forums such as the Conference of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History.

The second NRC Title Student Org award will go to COLORLit in support of the Dalit History Month Programming this month. Dalit History Month is celebrated in the month of April and is an annual remembrance of the important histories of people of marginalized castes from South Asia. Modeled on Black History Month, Dalit History Month is a commemoration started by Dalit women in the diaspora and remains a community-led effort all across the world. 

COLORLIT aims to be a safe space for all students of color in the Department of English, and in UWM at large. The group will create a concrete space on campus to foster both academic and nonacademic discussions around the varied experiences of students of color–both domestic and international students–and urgent matters relating to race, gender, caste, class, disability, sexuality, and immigration status in the country, and across the globe. Therefore, the group’s topics of focus will be intersectional in nature and will strive to represent diverse forms of experience through its discussion circles.