These resources are for SOIS students enrolled in the following classes: INFOST 511, 712, 714, 717, 719

Cataloger’s Desktop

Classification Web

RDA Toolkit

  • Web Page:
  • New cataloging standard that provides guidelines on cataloging digital resources and places a stronger emphasis on helping users find, identify, select, and obtain the information they want.

To log-in

To log into RDA Toolkit please follow these instructions. We have a shared account, but each student needs to create and use their own profile in the system:

  1. Navigate to this URL to log into the UWM SOIS account:
  2. Once you see “University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, School of Information Studies” in the heading you can now create your own profile by clicking the person icon with a plus sign.

  1. Create a profile for yourself by filling in the form and clicking “Create”. This will create your profile and automatically log you in.
  1. If you need to log in to your profile later, click the above URL to go back to the UWM SOIS account, enter your profile name and password, then click the log in icon
  1. You know you’re logged into your profile when you see your profile name at the top of the page and the person icon looks like this.

OCLC Connexion

    • WorldCat User Name: 100-044-359
    • WebDewey User Names: 100-270-220 through 100-270-229
    • Password (used for all three logins): measure
  • Allows students to search, view, and create draft records.

Having technical issues?

  • Verify that your current browser is up-to-date.
  • Attempt to login using a different browser.
  • If you still can’t login, try back at a different time–certain resources have a set number of licenses, so only a certain number of users can be logged in at the same time.

If these tips don’t work, please contact the UWM Help Desk for technical support.