Virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium

The UWM Office of Undergraduate Research is hosting a Virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium. This virtual symposium celebrates UWM undergraduates collaboration with the larger research community. We hope that you’ll be able to take a little time to show your support for the following Geosciences SURF students featured in this symposium:
Dylan Childs, “Water-Rock Interactions in Sediments Below Modern Evaporites”
Mentor: Lindsay McHenry, Geosciences
Dulce Hernandez-Blanchard, “Microstructural Observations Across the Southern Iberian Shear Zone”
Mentor: Dyanna Czeck, Geosciences
Haley Kempf, “Literature Review on the Ultrasructural Variation in Trilobite Exoskeletons”
Mentor: Victoria McCoy, Geosciences
Cheyanne Koran, “SEM Photographic Survey of Late Devonian Lime Creek Formation Microfossils from Fossil Prairie Park”
Mentor: Scott Schaefer, Geosciences
Autumn Routson, “Secondary Mineralogy of the Olkelduhals Hydrothermal System: Applications to Past Mars Environments”
Mentors: Lindsay McHenry & Jordan Ludyan, Geosciences
Valerie Rubalcava, “Microstructural Analysis of Metabasites from the Southern Iberian Shear Zone”
Mentor: Dyanna Czeck, Geosciences
Mikayla Walker, “Flora and Fauna of the Pleistocene Oak Creek Formation Peat Deposits”
Mentor: Scott Schaefer, Geosciences