UWM Geosciences at the Geological Society of America Conference

Chad Martin fields questions after his research talk at the 2019 Geological Society of America Conference in Phoenix.

Several UWM Geosciences Department members presented at this year’s Geological Society of America conference in Phoenix, Arizona which was held from September 22-25, 2019. Great job to everyone here who represented UWM Geosciences!

Dyanna Czeck (faculty) presented a poster with coauthors Sheryl Stephenson (MS, 2018) and others on “Syndeformational fluid flow in metabasite rocks along the Southern Iberian Shear Zone.”

John Malone (MS student) presented a poster with coauthor John Isbell (faculty) on “Detrital zircon geochronology and provenance of glaciogenic strata of the Middle Carboniferous San Eduardo Formation, Calingasta-Uspallata Basin, NW Argentina.”

Chad Martin (MS student) presented a talk with coauthors Dyanna Czeck (faculty) and Adolph Yonkee on “Characterization of syndeformational water pathways and hydrolytic weakening within naturally deformed quartz grains along a strain gradient.”

Lindsay McHenry (faculty) presented a talk with coauthors Gayantha Loku Kodikara (PhD student), Christopher Vickery (BS, 2017), and others on “Core-derived zeolites record changing environmental conditions in Pleistocene Paleolake Olduvai, Tanzania”

Lindsay McHenry (faculty) was a coauthor on a poster by colleague Lisa Duong on “Paleo-Lake Olduvai: fresher or saline? New results from clay chemistry” https://gsa.confex.com/gsa/2019AM/meetingapp.cgi/Paper/339500

Charles Paradis (faculty) was advocate for a session entitled “Field Tracer Studies for Aquifer Characterization.”

Eduardo L. M. Rosa (PhD student) presented a poster with coauthors John Isbell (faculty), Nicholas Fedorchuk (PhD, 2019), and Roger Swart on “Glaciogenic sedimentary infill of late Paleozoic glacial paleovalleys of the Kaokoveld, Northwest Namibia.”

Scott Schaefer (Lecturer; MS, 2012) presented a poster with coauthor Joseph Frederickson (BA, 2011) “Vertebrate fauna of the early Cretaceous (Albian) Kiowa Formation from Clark State Fshing Lake, Clark County, Kansas.”