William Kean

Professor Emeritus
 Lapham Hall 359


PhD, University of Pittsburgh
BS, Canisius College

Research Interests

Paleomagnetism, near surface geophysics, geology of Wisconsin

Current Research

Pre-Illinoinan Tills

I am working with Chuck Rover, one of our past Ph.D. students who is now at Southwestern Missouri State University, on correlation of Pre-Illinoinan tills. Chuck is looking at the mineralogy of the tills, and I am looking at their magnetic signature. These tills are old enough, that some are reversely polarized, which helps in the correlation.

GPR and Resistivity Studies of Sand Bodies

In recent years we have expanded our geophysical applications by teaming with Dave Hart at the WGNHS, and Harry Jol, a colleague from UW Eau Clair to use GPR to study sand bar stratigraphy along with John Isbell from our department. John and I have shared two masters’ students on these projects. Recently the department has acquired new resistivity profiling equipment which is now being applied to a number of local groundwater projects including a subsurface study of the Bradford Beach area.

Teaching Areas

Introduction to geophysics, Electrical methods in geophysics, Geology of Wisconsin, Earth science for pre-ed majors

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