Weon Shik Han

Adjunct Associate Professor



PhD, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
MS, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
BS, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

Research Interests

My research focuses on environmental, climate change, and energy related research such as geologic CO2 sequestration, groundwater hydrology, and geothermal energy development with an emphasis in multi-phase phenomena, reactive transport modeling, and heat transport. The methods I prefer range widely, from analytical and numerical approaches to field applications. Thus, my research includes interdisciplinary approaches, integrating elements of groundwater hydrology, hydrogeochemistry, geology, thermodynamics, and petroleum engineering.

Students interested in graduate studies on coupled processes in groundwater flow emphasis on computation simulations are encouraged to contact Weon Shik Han. Undergraduates interested in research experience and work opportunities should also contact him.

Teaching Areas

Hydrogeology; Flow and Transport in Porous Media

Selected Publications

Han, Weon S., Graham, J., Choung, S., Park, E., Choi, Woonsup, and Kim, Y.S.. “Local-Scale Variability in Groundwater Resources: Cedar Creek Watershed, Wisconsin, U.S.A” Journal of Hydro-environment Research20. (2018): 38-51.
Choung, S., Oh, J., Han, Weon S., Chon, C.-M., Kwon, Y., Kim, D.Y., and Shin, W.. “Comparison of physicochemical properties between fine (PM2.5) and coarse airborne particles at cold season in Korea” Science of the Total Environment541. (2015): 1132-1138.
Han, Weon S., Kim, K. Y., Jung, N. H., and Park, E.. “Coupled Transport of Groundwater, Heat, and Radiogenic He in Topography-Driven Basins” Ground Water53.S1 (2015): 33-46.
Ding, G., Park, E., Kim, K.-Y., Chen, H., Han, Weon S., Kim, Y., and Kim, K.. Analysis of recovery of head and total dissolved solids (TDS) from long-term pressure depression in coastal aquifers2014.
Jeong, J., Paudyal, P., Kim, K.-Y., Han, Weon S., and Park, E.. “Development of an explicit iterative characterization method of non-stationary aquifers based on history curves matching” Water Resources Research(2014).
Han, Weon S., Lee, S.-Y., Allen, J., and Potter, S.L.. Potential effects of dip and sinusoidal structures in geologic formations on CO2 plume migration and storage2014.
Jung, N. H., Han, Weon S., Watson, Z. T., Graham, J. P., and Kim, K. Y.“Fault-Controlled CO2 Leakage from Natural Reservoirs in the Colorado Plateau, East-Central Utah” Earth and Planetary Science Letters403. (2014): 358-367.
Potter-McIntyre, S., Allen, J., Lee, S.-Y., Han, Weon S., Marjorie, C., and McPherson, B.. “Iron precipitation in a natural CO2 reservoir: Jurassic Navajo Sandstone in the northern San Rafael Swell, UT, USA” Geofluids13.1 (2013): 82-92.
Han, Weon S., Lu, M, McPherson, B J., Keating, E H., Moore, J, Park, E, Watson, Z.T., and Jung, N.-H.. “Characteristics of CO2-driven cold-water geyser, the Crystal Geyser in Utah: Experimental observation and mechanism analysis” Geofluids13.3 (2013): 283-297.