Stephen Dornbos

Adjunct Professor
 Lapham Hall 372



PhD, University of Southern California
MS, University of Southern California
BA, College of Wooster

Research Interests

Evolution and preservation of early life on Earth; Geobiology of microbial structures in Precambrian and Cambrian sedimentary rocks; Evolutionary paleoecology of early animals during the Ediacaran–Cambrian biodiversification event.

Other Activities

Physical Scientist, U.S. Department of Defense
AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow, U.S. Department of Defense
Fellow, Geological Society of America

Selected Publications

Cordie, David R., and Dornbos, Stephen Q.“Restricted morphospace occupancy of early Cambrian reef-building archaeocyaths” Paleobiology45.2 (2019): 331–346.
Oji, Tatsuo, Dornbos, Stephen Q., Yada, Keigo, Gonchigdorj, Sersmaa, Hasegawa, Hitoshi, Mochizuki, Takafumi, Takayanagi, Hideko, and Iryu, Yasufumi. “Penetrative trace fossils from the late Ediacaran of Mongolia: Early onset of the agronomic revolution” Royal Society Open Science5. (2018): 172250.
Dornbos, Stephen Q., Oji, Tatsuo, Kanayama, Akihiro, and Gonchigdorj, Sersmaa. “A new Burgess Shale-type deposit from the Ediacaran of western Mongolia” Scientific Reports6. (2016): 23438.
Fedorchuk, Nicholas D., Dornbos, Stephen Q., Corsetti, Frank A., Isbell, John L., Petryshyn, Victoria A., Bowles, Julie, and Wilmeth, Dylan T.“Early non-marine life: Evaluating the biogenicity of Mesoproterozoic fluvial-lacustrine stromatolites” Precambrian Research275. (2016): 105-118.
Kloss, Tristan J., Dornbos, Stephen Q., Chen, Junyuan, McHenry, Lindsay J., and Marenco, Pedro J.“High-resolution geochemical evidence for oxic bottom waters in three Cambrian Burgess Shale-type deposits” Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology440. (2015): 90-95.
Wilmeth, Dylan T., Corsetti, Frank A., Bisenic, Nemanja, Dornbos, Stephen Q., Oji, Tatsuo, and Gonchigdorj, Sersmaa. “Punctuated growth of microbial cones within early Cambrian oncoids, Bayan Gol Formation, western Mongolia” PALAIOS30.12 (2015): 836–845.
Kloss, Tristan J., Dornbos, Stephen Q., and Chen, Junyuan. “Substrate adaptations of sessile benthic metazoans during the Cambrian radiation” Paleobiology41.2 (2015): 342–352.
Dornbos, Stephen Q., Clapham, Matthew E., Fraiser, Margaret L., and Laflamme, Marc. “Lessons from the fossil record: The Ediacaran radiation, the Cambrian radiation, and the End-Permian mass extinction” Marine Biodiversity of Ecosystem Functioning: Frameworks, Methodologies, and IntegrationEd. Solan, M., Aspden, R. J., and Paterson, D. M.Oxford: Oxford University Press. (2012): 52-72.
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