Geoscience Students Terroir Class Received First-Prize at the UW-Milwaukee First-Year Seminar Symposium

Fourteen first year students have been taking a seminar class called Geosci 194 Terroir Vindicated: Geology and Wine. The course was run as a research-based seminar class so not only were students reading terroir journal papers and discussing, but the students undertook a semester-long research project. The students investigated the terroir of Vines and Rushes winery near Ripon, WI. The students collected 14 vineyard soils and then measured their grain size, minerals, and chemistry in Department of Geosciences’ laboratories. The diligent students presented their results on Friday, December 6, 2019 at the UW-Milwaukee First-Year Seminar Symposium. The department is very proud to announce that the terroir class received first-prize at the Symposium. The students were very dedicated and worked very hard to collect the data on the vineyard soil samples. Our congratulations to the whole class.